(This article was published in Stayfit magazine in June 2009 issue - Authored by Dr Neelam Kewlani)

Our Planet Earth is a small planet on the edges of a vast Universe, which consist of Galaxies, star and solar system and various forms of life. The planet Earth is moving into a part of universe that has a higher etheric vibrational rate. It requires the Earth to raise its own vibrational rate. As the Earth moves towards higher frequency it goes closer to Fourth dimension, we become a higher level civilization and we will start functioning based on unconditional love rather than from fear and control.

The Shift has already started. A new breed of children has been coming to the Earth mainly from 1990’s. They are called as ‘Indigo’ because their aura appears Indigo in color. There DNA is more activated so their thinking and behavior pattern is quite different from the normal children. They refuse to accept anything simply because it is traditional. Everything has to make good rational sense to them before they accept it. The main purpose of their life is to be Happy. The Indigos are multidimensional humans and sometimes they have a hard time dealing with normal people whose entire existence is in Third dimension. They need a lot of activity to keep them busy and they get easily bored in the absence of sufficient activities. Their mind wanders from one place to another.

They are often mislabeled with the psychiatric diagnosis of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Unfortunately they are medicated and they lose their sensitivity, spiritual gifts and warrior energy.

Since the year 2000, the new breed of children started coming. They are called as Crystal children. They have beautiful multicolored, opalescent aura. They also have a fascination for crystals. They have large and penetrating eyes. These children are highly affectionate and are even tempered, sweet and loving. They are highly sensitive and empathetic. Some of them are very clairvoyant and can see the auras. They exhibit healing abilities and can talk about angels and past life memories. They are extremely artistic and creative. They are very much connected to nature, animals and crystals. Crystal children do not limit their affection to family members; they are loving and affectionate to everyone. These kids emit positive energy by their facial expressions, words, postures and actions. They spread happiness around and create a positive environment.

Crystal children innate spiritual gifts are sometimes misunderstood. Their telepathic abilities often cause them to have delayed speech patterns. They may be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Crystal children are very sensitive to loud noise, temperature, crowds, clutter, disorganization and chaotic environment. They are also sensitive to artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Crystal children like to spend time outdoor with animals, plants and fresh air. They teach us about the magic of nature and make us aware that everything is alive. Parents of this new age kids should handle them with love and affection and create emotional bonding to provide them a good upbringing. Parents should use a holistic approach to handle the children of new age These children respond well to Herbs, Energy therapies like Reiki and Crystal healing, Yoga, Meditation. As the parents and family members give these Crystal children love, patience and harmony they will blossom and make the earth a virtual heaven.