Crystal Healing is a method in which the crystals are placed on the body and blockages are removed from the aura and the chakras. Since the earliest times, crystals have been used to heal and restore balance. They help in releasing and clearing negative energy. Crystals are nature’s gift to man that help in healing. Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, their inherent geometry and the colour frequency they emit.

The colours of the crystals are associated with the various chakra centers in the body. When crystals are placed at corresponding chakra point, they cleanse and energise the chakra. This helps in healing and harmonizing energy.

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The earliest records of crystal healing have been traced in Ancient Egypt. India’s Ayurvedic records and traditional Chinese medicine also claim healing with the use of crystals, dating back to 5000 years ago.

The art of studying and prescribing crystals was known as 'Ratna Pariksa' as described in HemaSutra [700 B.C.]. The most powerful amulet prescribed in ancient hindu text is the 'Navaratna' or 'Nine Gem Jewel'. It's made up of Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Coral, Jacinth, Tiger's eye, Topaz, Sapphire and Diamond. Each representing one of the seven planets and the north and south nodes of the Moon.

Aura and Chakras:

Chakras are spinning wheels of conscious energy. There are 7 major chakras and 50 minor chakras in the body. Chakras rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise and give us energy. They absorb the life force energy or Prana. Any blockage in the flow of energy due to poor diet, poor sleeping habits or negative thoughts disrupts the person’s aura and chakras. The blockage in the flow of energy through a person’s chakras affects the person at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through Crystal Healing these blocks are removed and the body is healed at physical and auric level.

Crystal Healing

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