Traditional therapists since thousands of years have used the power of Aura to diagnose and heal human body & mind. In parapsychology and in many forms of spiritual practice, an Aura is considered a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object. It is also described as the subtle body that surrounds our physical body. In Sanskrit language the root ‘Ar’ means “spoke of a wheel” indicating that the aura radiates from the body as the spokes of a wheel radiate from its hub.

Pranic Energy

The Aura is made of Prana which means “life sustaining force that is present in all living organisms and the universe”. Sources of prana are sunlight, air, water and food. Thought is the most refined and potent form of prana. When thoughts become more refined and spiritually attuned, pranic energy increases. Pranic energy is consistently replenished by every breath.. Positive affirmation, Prayers, Mantras increase the pranic energy and expands the aura. On the contrary, negative, harmful and bad speech decreases the energy field and shrinks the aura. Intensifying pranic energy increases vitality, health, power, influence, charisma, and will power.

Understanding the Aura

A vibrant, large, expanded, bright, smooth aura surrounds a healthy individual with abundant pranic energy. A small, contracted, dark, lethargic, sluggish aura surrounds a person who is ill, depressed or emotionally distressed. The level of consciousness of every living being depends on the frequencies of the prana it is capable of absorbing and storing. Animals have lower frequencies than human beings.

When we inhale, the prana enters the body and gets stored in the subtle energy centers. The more pranic energy you absorb, the more healing and vitality rushes to every cell. Deep meditation controls breathing and it becomes quiet, slow and regular. In the state of Samadhi the breath becomes so refined that it is imperceptible. In this state, the subtle body absorbs the most refined aspect of prana and opens the subtlest channels of pranic energy such a Sushumna nadi through which Kundalini can flow freely. When prana becomes refined, breath becomes sublime, blissfull and spiritually enriching.