Mrs Deepa Pathak (name changed), 34, New Delhi

I went about enquiring about Past Life Regression with much hesitation. I had many doubts in my mind - will I open up a Pandoras Box of issues that I do not need to know, how much control will the hypnotherapist have on me, will I really see anything that would make it better or am I just making it worse for myself by getting involved in this, am I so desperate to be thinking of this route as therapy? Many questions came up holding me back.

I finally mustered to courage to call and chat to Doctor from Sanskruti Holistic center about these issues. Talking with her immediately instilled a quiet confidence in me. I instantly knew that I was speaking to someone who is very well-versed and experienced in the field. I booked my appointment and went in for the therapy.

I was a little nervous at the start of it. At the end of the therapy I was amazed at the detail of the visions I saw, the emotions I felt. Above all the realization that these were lives that I had lead that have their implications in this life. I felt blessed that in this life I had the opportunity to nullify the karma because I now knew it. I felt that these were issues that I could definitely overcome, empowered by the knowledge I now had.

After the therapy, I felt greatly relieved. I felt like I was cleansed of weight of the issues I was carrying. I felt calmer, more at peace and knew where I was to head in my life and how I had to deal with my life. My goal became visible.

It has now been three weeks since I finished with the therapy and I still feel light and relieved. I have had closure on the death of the family member and have let go of that loneliness that it caused. I saw my family member in a much happier and healthier place and that has given me peace beyond measure. It is now, to my amazement, a non-issue.

The relationship problems still exist, but my perspective of it has completely changed. Therefore I am more at peace when dealing with it. I understand why it is happening and it gives me peace to know that there is a larger reason that I am now aware of even though the other party may not be. It gives me strength to deal with the situation and also deters me from reacting negatively. From being a problem that always occupied my mind space, it is now a non-issue. The hurt I feel at the instance is immediately dissipated by the awareness of the reason that I now know.

I cannot thank Dr Neelam enough for the perspective that the Past Life Regression therapy has given me. She handled the entire session with a calm and confidence that made me feel safe and secure in the unsure journey I was about to take.

I was walking around in circles in a dark room, Past Life Regression Therapy switched the light on for me."


Ms Anitha Iyer (name changed), Female, 32, Bangalore

"I attended the past life regression session and I must say the session has been very useful to me. All my questions regarding the events in my life has been answered and my life has improved. Sanskruti Holistic center was very helpful and I thank her for all that she did to improve my life."


Mrs Joanna Williams (name changed), Female, 42, Bangalore

"I had recurring body pains but the medical reports were all normal. The doctors were not able to diagnose the reasons for it. I attended hypnotherapy and past life regressions sessions in Sanskruti Holistic center and I'm very glad that I tool that decision. It was like Rebirth and god helped me. I am totally recovered and I thank Doctor and God for relieving me from negative energies. Let God bless Dr Neelam immensely."

Ms Shubha Gupta (name changed), Female, 28, Bangalore

"After attending the past life regression session, I could feel a lot of change in me. I was getting lot of negative thoughts but now I have only positive thoughts.

I've gained new confidence in me.


Ms Jasmin (name changed), Female, 50, Germany (visitor in Bangalore)

"It was fantastic. I got to know my true self. Keep up the good work, Sanskruti.


Mr Deepak, Male, 29, Bangalore (identity changed)
"The PLR had great healing powers. Surprisingly our subconscious mind carries burdens from past life and influences our present life which I never realized before. I was surprised to encounter them in past life regression sessions.

I felt deeply calm and relaxed in sessions. I got all my answers.


Ms Sripriya (name changed), Female, 35, Bangalore.

"It was a fantastic experience that can not be explained in words. I would sincerely recommend this to people to experience the glorifying experience themselves. Thank you Dr Neelam.

Mr Parthasarthy, Male, 29, Bangalore (identity changed).

" I felt relieved, confident, fearless and happy. These sessions removed my phobias. I'm fully satisfied"



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