Sanskruti Holistic Center in Bangalore provides best in class Holistic and alternative therapies and solutions to its clientele since 2004. Sanskruti initially started as Ayurveda and Reiki center in 2004 but soon enough the bouquet of services became quite wide and today it offers treatment and courses in more than 10 areas.  The underlying mission of the institute is to promote Holistic way of living healthy life. The institute provides various holistic services under 'Ayurveda and Panchkarma' , 'Reiki ', 'Crystal healing ', 'Feng Shui ' , 'Egyptian Card Reading' and 'Tarot Card Reading'. The institute also provides learning classes for Reiki, Ayurvedic Massage, Panchkarma Therapies, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui, Egyptian Card Reading and Tarot Card Reading.


  • Reiki 1+ 2 course
  • Crystal Healing Course
  • Reiki 3A+3B Course
  • Egyptian Card Reading Course
  • Ayurvedic Massage Course
  • Panchkarma Course


  • Reiki Healing - Read more about Reiki Healing >>
  • Tarot & Egyptian Card Reading
  • Feng Shui

Sanskruti Holistic Institute and therapy center is located at convenient and well connected location on Hebbal Outer Ring Road (opposite Manyata Embassy Tech Park) near RT Nagar. Sanskruti Holistic center's work has been regularly appearing in Bangalore media (newspapers, TV shows, Magazines) and its getting a lot of appreciation from its clients. You can contact us, visit us or register for a course. Call: 09242756676 to know more or Register.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing using light touch and hand positions. The word reiki comes from two Japanese words - rei, meaning higher power or universal force and ki, meaning life energy. Loosely translated, reiki means universal or spiritually-guided life force energy.


 Reiki Grand master Dr. Neelam takes classes for Reiki I, II, IIIA and IIIB and Reiki Grandmaster / Teacher Levels.

Reiki Training Levels
We at Sanskruti Holistic Center, Bangalore teach all levels of Reiki as part of our Reiki Courses, Overall, there are four levels of Reiki:

Course structure for Reiki I and Reiki II levels at Sanskruti Reiki Training and Healing Center, Bangalore. To find the schedule of next Reiki level courses at Sanskruti Bangalore or the fees details, call us on +91-9242756676.