"Earth is not a final place of rest for a bird born from the sea.
No, we are pearls of that ocean.
This is the time of union, The time of eternal beauty.
The morning of happiness has dawned."

- Jelaluddin Rumi , Sufi Poet

The experience of soul memories between light realms is known as Life between lives. It is also known as Interlife. The session of Life between lives helps to understand the purpose of life, expanding the consciousness, gaining understanding of our true spiritual nature, receiving spiritual guidance. It helps in personal empowerment and getting to know our special gifts and talents.

People who have had near death experiences report a journey to another level of existence. They describe entering into a tunnel or a beautiful light and discovering tremendous love and peace. Sometimes they enter the spirit realm and recall planning their next life (current life on earth) or meeting their loved ones and guides. We can benefit from accessing these memories while we are still in our physical bodies by undergoing Life between lives regression.

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The easiest way to experience life between lives is through hypnosis. The hypno-therapist takes the client to the immediate past life. After the death of that life time the soul moves to a higher plane of existence.

When a person dies, the soul energy returns to the spirit realms. It meets the soul group, this is a group of souls that has incarnated together to perform some meaningful tasks. Soul groups might include parents, siblings, children, friends or just acquaintances. Their roles and relationship with the person would change from one life to the next. Sometimes they come to support us and at other occasions they play the role of the perpetrator to bring about some learning. The soul group activity also involves planning for the next life. All souls come with different lessons like learning to take responsibility, to love others, to help others, to be a victim or to be powerful.

The past life review is then done by a Spirit guide. The spirit guides live as energies in the cosmic realms or as light beings. The profound spiritual encounter with the spirit guides brings a lot of karmic lessons to our awareness.

The soul also meets the elders, some people call them “Masters”, “Higher ones” or the “Wise ones”. They review the progress of the soul before them and discuss aspects until the soul understands what is expected in the next life. After the review the soul chooses the next body for its incarnation. This choice is made on the basis of the lessons the soul wants to learn in its next life.

The joining of the soul energy with the physical body takes place around four months after conception. The unresolved subtle body memories from the past lives are attached to the soul energy. The percentage of unresolved past life memories that will be imprinted on the body is a part of the planning process for the new life. The greater the percentage, more difficult life will be. The fusion with the baby’s biological inherited characteristics produces the foundation of the personality for the new life.

Life between lives session allows you to experience the beauty, peace and serenity of your spiritual home. The love and the wisdom of your soul group and spirit guides makes you feel that you are not alone in this life. The purpose of life brings about a clarity of where are we heading to and are we on our life plan.

Disclaimer: Life between lives is not recommended for every individual. Only after a consulation by the doctor, it can be decided if the person is ready for this therapy or not. Also, it can only be done once the person has the experienced a past life regression successfully in the past. Results of the therapy vary from Individual to individual and depend on several factors. We do not guarantee or claim any partial or complete cure for any disease. The individual should fully understand the limitations of this therapy before opting for this.

Andy Tomlinson

Dr. Neelam has been trained by Andy Tomlinson for conducting Life between lives sessions.

Andy Tomlinson is a founder member of the European Academy of Regression Therapy and the European Association of Regression Therapy. He has worked for years with Dr. Michael Newton who discovered Life between lives therapy. Andy is referred to as the Britain’s leading practitioners in Past life regressions. He is the author of the book Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal soul which is recognized as an extremely valuable contribution and advancement to the field of Regression Therapy.